Extended Range Shield BLE - Released
Posted by Daniel Epstein on 14 May 2017 02:36 PM

November 1, 2017

Elpas Solutions, Ltd

Extended Range Shield BLE Released

Elpas is pleased to announce that we have significantly increased the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) range of the Elpas Shield by at least 50%. The outdoor BLE range between the Elpas Shield and smartphone is now 130ft/39m. This means that an apartment can be covered by a stationary smartphone or tablet much like a traditional Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) stationary unit. When out and about, duress alarms are processed by a pocketed smartphone even while the screen is off. 

Advantages of Elpas Aging in Place solution:

  1. The Elpas LoneProtect application reports directly to the staff of an LTC facility via an on-premises Eiris Server, eliminating the need of a subscription based service.
  2. Indoor location may be reported using Elpas LF beacons. A standard tablet or smartphone may be mounted in each room for video or voice link with the responder.
  3. The Elpas Shield replaceable battery lasts over a year.
  4. No additional SIM card is needed. The Elpas LoneProtect app runs on popular Android smartphones.
  5. Alarms are triggered simply by pressing the button on the Elpas Shield. The phone can stay in your pocket or purse.

Our Solution - the Elpas Shield

What is the Elpas Shield?   

The Elpas Shield is a transmitter used by senior residents or staff members (that may be subject to attack) to signal an alert in the event of an emergency or to call for assistance. This solution allows seniors to "Age in Place," i.e., live out their lives at home and be continuously monitored without needing to move into an Assisted Living or Skilled Care Facility.  


How is the Elpas Shield used?

The Elpas Shield is used in the home (with a stationary phone or tablet) or on the road with a standard Android phone. The Elpas Shield activates an alert by pushing a Bluetooth Low Energy signal to a phone even if it is in sleep mode and even if it is hidden in a purse or pocket. When the user enters a facility equiped with Elpas RF readers, alerts are sent via the facilities built-in RTLS Elpas and Eirs system network. The Elpas Shield can run for over a year between battery changes, uses the senior's existing phone, and requires no additional phone subscription. In addition, with the Eiris Server, a facility or enterprise may manage their own internal ARC without the cost of, or dependency on, a 3rd party response company.

How are alerts managed?

• When an event is initiated by the senior, a responder can open a voice or video link on EirisGo with the senior using the mic and camera on a home mobile device.
• Staff members are notified should activity indicators deviate from a pre-defined norm or running average.
• When responders arrive at the senior's home they may use their EirisGo app to escalate the situation or receive alerts regarding other residents.

Elpas Shield Highlights:

  • Communicates with either a fixed Elpas network or with Android smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Prevents false alarms via a double button press
  • Relays indoor location when Elpas low frequency beacons are detected
  • Transmits infrared for explicit room location when combined with Elpas readers (not available with Bluetooth option)
  • Detects automatically Man Down and prevents false alarms with a 15 second audible warning
  • Alerts on button or pull cord
  • Worn on belt or lanyard
  • Supervised remotely 24/7
  • Replaceable long lasting battery

3rd Party Developers

3rd parties that wish to integrate the Elpas Shield into their mobile apps are welcome to contact us via our helpdesk.

Ordering Info

5-LW240057-2  Elpas Shield BLE - Extended range - for EMEA / APAC
5-LW240057-2W  Elpas Shield BLE - Extended range - for Americas

Eiris Software Highlights:

  • Robust cloud and mobile architecture
  • Network Configuration Tools
  • Mobile Alerting 
  • Situation Management 
  • Over 100 Modular Extensions
  • Graphic Monitoring with Web Maps
  • Bundled Localization Editor
  • Scalable System Expansion
  • Powerful tools for 3rd party integration
  • Open APIs Extend Functionality
  • Integrated Incident Reporting
  • Flexible License Options

A world leader in RTLS technologies, Elpas provides turnkey safety and security solutions in the healthcare, correctional, and industrial market.

Our solutions include:

  • Panic Alarm
  • Patient Wander Protection
  • Senior Monitoring
  • Mother and Newborn Bracelet Pairing
  • Patient Call and Nurse Arrival Detection
  • Man Down Alerts
  • Lone Worker Applications
  • Asset Tracking

Click here to view the Elpas Shield or visit us at

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