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We're Moving Outdoors: The New Elpas LoneProtect App
Posted by Daniel Epstein on 17 October 2017 08:37 AM

October 2017
Elpas Solutions Ltd.
Mr. David Fensterheim
VP Professional Services and Product Management, Elpas 

Introducing the Elpas LoneProtect App

A Ground-Breaking App for Senior Care and Lone Workers: Available on Google Play for Android Devices

Introducing the new Elpas LoneProtect app for Senior and Lone Worker Care Solutions. With over 20 years of experience in providing indoor safety and security, Elpas is now expanding their Real Time Location technology outdoors and into the home.  

For Senior Living Community Outreach

Senior Care Facilities: Senior care facilities with RTLS solutions ensure their residents safety while they're inside. However, once a resident steps outside the building there's little that staff members can do to know if someone needs help. How can residents be assured the same level of protection while outside that they enjoy while inside? What about seniors who simply want to to go outside for a little fresh air and suddenly need help or fall and there's nobody there to help? 

The Elpas LoneProtect app has made it possible for care facilities to enable residents to travel beyond the walls of the facility and still be monitored by the same Elpas enterprise security platform. Seniors can now travel to visit family and friends, make doctor appointments, shop or go for a walk and still get help at the push of a tag button. Eiris alarms may be triggered directly on the app or using a paired Elpas Shield (Bluetooth Low Energy) BLE pendant while an Android phone is kept in a pocket or purse. Alerts are pushed by the BLE signal to the user's phone (even if the phone is in sleep mode). Elpas LoneProtect app receives duress button press, fall and location change events from the Elpas Shield BLE and relays them to the Eiris server, through the Elpas Cloud. Alert information may also be sent to a caregiver's phone by SMS.

Aging in Place: The Elpas LoneProtect app is fully integrated with Elpas' Eiris Alarm Management and Tracking software. This combination is a complete on-premises response management system relieving management from dependence on a 3rd party PERS service.  The app allows facility staff to reach out to the community and monitor seniors that choose to remain in their homes. The app reports to the facility from anywhere when a senior needs help.  Seniors can use the app on its own or use the Elpas Shield BLE tag to trigger duress calls (via pull cord, button press or automatic fall detection).  Alarms are intelligently dispatched to responders by Eiris alarm management rules. Staff members may handle the events from anywhere via the Eiris Go application and immediately call the senior's phone via voice or video with a single tap on the app. Notifications contain the GPS location of the senior and room location may also be included when used with Elpas Location Beacons.

For Lone Workers

Elpas LoneProtect and the Shield BLE tag is a perfect duress signaling solution for lone workers.  Many lone workers in high-risk jobs need to travel between campuses, plants or prisons. The tag is designed as intrinsically safe and therefore may be used in hazardous environments. The tag sends duress and fall events to a central Eiris server via the Elpas LoneProtect app and is ideal for security officers that operate in high risk workplaces. Duress events may be transmitted from anywhere with cellular coverage but does not require an additional cellular subscription since it leverages the officers existing smartphone.  Responders may contact the worker via voice or video with a single tap on the app. GeoFences may be used to notify staff when the worker enters into, or deviates from, a pre-defined perimeter.                              


                 Tag Alarming                          Tag Pairing and History       

Elpas LoneProtect App Architecture:

*not required for use with Elpas LoneProtect App

Additional Elpas LoneProtect App Details:

GeoFences  Eiris response to alarms may be programmed based on GeoFences so that specific staff may be notified based on geographic location of the senior/worker. Alarms may also be defined in Eiris when a senior or worker deviates from, or enters into, a Geofence.
Supervision The Elpas LoneProtect app stays in constant communication with the back end Eiris server so that an alert may be raised if, for any reason, communication is lost.
Managing Alerts with Eiris Go

When an event is initiated by the app user, a responder can open a voice or video link on Eiris Go with the senior using the mic and camera on a home or mobile device.

When responder arrives at the senior's home they may use their Eiris Go app to escalate the situation or receive alerts regarding other residents.

SMS to Family Members Elpas LoneProtect may be programmed to send an SMS to a designated number in the event of an alarm. The SMS contains a link to display the location of the alarm on a Google Map.

Smartphone Requirements:

The Elpas LoneProtect requires an Android smartphone running Android 7 OS or higher. The App was successfully tested on the following Android devices: Samsung Galaxy S7, Huawei 10 and LG G6, running on Eiris V5.0.6 with Elpas LoneProtect App version

The Elpas LoneProtect is a free download on Google Play. Click here for more details.

Elpas Shield BLE Tag Highlights:

  • Communicates with either a fixed Elpas network or with Android smartphones using Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Prevents false alarms via a double button press
  • Relays indoor location when Elpas low frequency beacons detected
  • Detects automatically Man Down and prevents false alarms with a 15 second audible warning                            
  • Alerts on button or pull cord
  • Worn on belt or lanyard
  • Supervised remotely 
  • Replaceable long lasting battery

To purchase the Elpas Shield BLE tag contact your regional sales manager or click here

For more information visit us at

Global Mission

Our mission is to deliver cost-effective safety and security RTLS solutions that are simple to use and are effective in their operation. These solutions are backed by Elpas professional services personnel from offices in North America, EMEA and APAC and by a range of training and post-installation consulting offering developed specifically to help our customers get the most from their security investments. 

We market our products and solutions under the Elpas brand name through a world-wide network of security, building design and IT infrastructure OEMs, integrators and resellers.

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Products offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Actual products may vary from photos. Not all products include all features. Availability varies by region; contact your Regional Sales Manager.

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Eiris V5.0.6 Release
Posted by Daniel Epstein on 03 October 2017 07:14 AM

September 2016

Elpas Solutions

 Eiris V5.0.6 Release

Today, Elpas Solutions, a global leader in RTLS technologies, announced its release of the newest version for Eiris, V5.0.6. Along with the updated version, Elpas is releasing a ground breaking new app - the Elpas LoneProtect app. The Elpas LoneProtect is set to change the market's reliance on PERS (Personal Emergency Response System for the Elderly) and significantly upgrade the backup protection available to lone workers and correctional officers.

Highlights of the New Relelase:

  • Increased Scalability
  • Eiris Code Optimized
  • New Elpas LoneProtect App
  • New features for Eiris Go
  • Support in two new Lone Worker tag events to enable/disable fall event

To read the full version of Eiris V5.0.6 Release Notes click here

For the Eiris V5.0.6 installer file click here

Eiris Software Highlights 

  • Robust cloud and mobile architecture
  • Network Configuration Tools
  • Mobile Alerting
  • Situation Management
  • Over 100 Modular Extenstions
  • Graphic Monitoring with Web Maps
  • Bundled Localization Editor
  • Scalable System Expansion
  • Powerful tool for 3rd party integration
  • Open APIs Extend Functionality
  • Integrated Incident Reporting
  • Flexible License Options

Elpas manufactures advanced Triple Technology Active RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) Passive RFID, and Physical Access safety, security and visibility products and solutions. Our solutions are the most cost-effective way to protect high-value assets, staff members, patients and visitors in acute care hospitals, manufacturing facilities; heavy material storage depots and high-security facilities.

Our solutions include:

  • Access Control
  • Panic Alarm
  • Patient Wandering Protection
  • Senior Monitoring
  • Mother and Newborn Bracelet Pairing
  • Patient Call and Nurse Arrival Detection
  • Man Down Alerts
  • Lone Worker Applications
  • Asset Tracking 
  • Material Management

Visit us at 

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New Enclosure for Elpas Local Controller with I/O Card
Posted by David Fensterheim on 20 July 2014 12:21 PM
5-ELC00433-3, ELPAS Local Controller Wall 433MHz I/O has been discontinued and  is replaced by 5-ELC10433-3.  The new product is enclosed a larger and more ergonomic enclosure.  The new enclosure provides a number of benefits:
  • More room for cable management
  • Internal antenna.  This makes the product more architecturally attractive and prevents the removal of the antenna without first opening the enclosure which will trigger a tamper alarm.
  • Improved cable access with more pinch-on pinch-off cable panels.  This eliminates the need for cutting plastic knockouts which leave rough edges and may not be replaced once removed.
  • Stylish attractive design for branded Elpas look.  The same style is used for other Elpas enclosures including the ALC LF Beacon and the new Junction Box.

Additional information available on the Elpas helpdesk.


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